Fiber Glass Tank

The Company is in the industry of Glass Reinforced Polyester (Fiber) and has the experience,technical knowledge and machine racecourse that the subject requires. The Company continues it’s production with the representative offices in Turkiye and in abroad in the industry of Glass Reinforced Polyester.

Apart from the stockage tanks for nourishment, agriculture, stock breeding industries from 1.000 lt to 120.000lt. storehouse silo,the required parts for the oxidation unites,construction and machine industries.

The Company which renovates the product range continously,make up the principle to use the technological possibilities of the age, believes in requirement of qualified personel and has been the one of the few companies in Turkiye. The reason is that the company has the high capacity to produce higenic products containing UV, durable to chemical environments, with two Chopper, one Gelcoat and two RTM machine; also, with modal section, laboratory, shape section, oven unites.

Storage Tank Types

Olive Storage Tanks
Brine and Pickle Tanks
Mixer Tanks
Water Tanks
Wine Tanks

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